Friday, November 30, 2012

Dress for your Body Shape

Next to knowing the colors that flatter you the most, dressing for your specific body shape is the second step in creating the perfect look for yourself.

**If you don't know your colors, visit this blog and check out their great analysis of color matching.**

Knowing your shape is not about being a size 0.  
It is about dressing your shape - whichever one you are - in clothing that drapes in flattering ways specific to your shape.  
 am going to be detailing below what outfits would look good on one shape, but would not look good on another, etc.  

First, let's get our shapes down.

Each woman was born with one shape or another.  
You can lose or gain weight, but you are still going to have the same shape no matter what the scales say. 

The Apple Shape
This shape consists of a large bust, thicker middle, but skinny or toned legs.
Most of the apple shaped body styles can lose and gain weight and look somewhat different, but they still remain an apple shape.

Jessica Simpson is our Apple Shaped model.
As you can see - at her varying weights - she still remained with her glowing apple shape.

Most apple shaped women have a large bust [which I am jealous of] and then their hips tend to line up with the width of their bust and shoulders.

Selma Hayeck is also deemed an Apple Shape.  

It is very evident here in this photo.
Even though her waist goes in some, that does not make her an hourglass shape.
She would be able to wear items that would be flattering to the hourglass, but she is still a beautiful apple shape.

What clothing items look good on an Apple Shape?
The empire waist is going to be your best friend!

The lift under the bust area and the cinched in waist is the best look for the Apple Shape.

This shows exactly what the Apple Shape's best clothing option would be!

Outfit choices for the Apple Shape.
Except: I disagree with the first dress/tunic top choice.  
Will accentuate in the wrong areas for this shape. 

The Pear Shape
This shape consists of a thicker rear area and thin arms and waist.  

Kim Kardashian is the Pear Shape Model!

Beyonce', Tyra Banks, and Christina Aguilera are also Pear Shapped women, but Kim is the ultimate spokesperson for this body shape and she wears it 'oh so well!

The pear shape's accent is on the bum and the bust/arms line up with the waist and then the curves start  at the hips.

What clothing items look good on a Pear Shape?

Since we are using Kim Kardashian as our model, if you follow her style, she is rarely in bold, wild prints.
Because it will draw more attention to the features she may be trying to hide or accentuate.
As you can see above, all the colors are very neutral and classic.

Let's take each outfit - starting from the left - and break it down.
The solid color navy dress drapes in all the ways that would be flattering to the pear shape.  You have the cinched in waist, solid color, and long enough skirt.  The military jacket's buttons accentuate the bottom of the pear shape, but more than likely, would cover the rear enough that it was not obscene and peaking out underneath the coat.  The flouncy top provides the subtle peplum bottom and accentuates the V-neck with the cinched in waist, while the pants are flare, accentuating the length of the leg, now the rear.  You would have an accentuation on the rear if you wore straight leg, skinny pants.  The top and skirt again provide the same added benefits as described by the other three outfits and the jacket and jeans, again, cinch in the waist paired with a flare leg, elongating the silhouette.   

The first dress is way to short for a pear shape.  
It would have to be a tunic for a pear shape and could even look like a little girls dress on a woman's body.
Epic Fashion Fail.

But the knee length, body-hugging dress provides just the right curve appeal and accentuates all the right features of the pear shape.  
And, Kim has been seen in the second dress.

The Hourglass Shape
The hourglass shape is probably the easiest to spot and to determine clothing choices for.

Beyonce' would be considered more of an hourglass than she would a pear shape because her bust and shoulders go out more at the top than our pear shaped model, Kim Kardashian's, does.

What clothing items would look good on an Hourglass Shape?

Like I said above, it is going to be one of the easiest shapes to find clothing for because it seems many stores taylor their clothing to this shape.  You can always find a pencil skirt and high waisted will provide more of that silhouette of curves.   An empire waist belt will do the trick as well!

The Rectangle Shape

Cameron Diaz is our Rectangle Shaped Model!

Cameron has always had that boyish, boxy, athletic figure, but she knows how to flatter her figure and provide shape.

Because of her shape, she can get away with mini dresses, flat front skirts and skinny jeans with loose fitting tops.  

What clothing items might look good on the Rectangle Shape?

As you can see, the Rectangle Shape can wear about anything, but keeping with the more classic, girly looks will always win out for this body shape.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this clothing tutorial and if you still are a little lost on the shapes, what shape you are, what clothing choices might look good with a specific shape, visit these two blogs I stumbled upon during the creation of this posts - Dressing for your Body Shape and Inside Out Style.

Now, let's go shopping :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Blessing Book

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

I think it started out just because I felt sorry for it.  
The Thanksgiving holiday is always pushed aside and stomped on as Christmas steals its' show, but over the past 10 years, it has become my favorite holiday all for one reason.

It centers around thankfulness.

My Aunt Kim keeps a blessing book.
It looks like the book above with all the notes and turned down pages, but she keeps it going all year and writes down different "blessings" that she received or witnessed throughout the year.  She said it kept her constantly practicing the "thankful" approach to everything so when something came her way that she wasn't so thankful for, she could look back over her book and be refreshed in all the blessings she has received or seen.

They could be little things like, "70 degree day in February" or big blessings like, "Car is paid off and we now can save for a family vacation with the budgeted car payment money."  Or, when my grandpa was put in the hospital after rolling his riding lawnmower onto himself, she wrote something like this, "Dad was himself in the hospital today.  He witnessed to his roommate and showed Jesus in front of him.  That's my dad...he's back!"

She doesn't write everyday, but writes enough that when she goes back through it each Thanksgiving, it takes her hours to read back over and decide on the written blessings she wishes to share.

See, about 10 years ago, our family started to gather together in my grandma's living room after our Thanksgiving meal and talk about each of our blessings for that year.  It has always been such a special time of sharing and always turns into a bawlfest [made up word] where we walk away with red eyes, but a thankful heart.  

Not everyone in my family keeps a blessing book, but this year especially, my blessing book/notes look much like the above photo.

- Bountiful - 

I live a blessed and privileged life and I know that, but this year has had its trials and its time of uncertainty, but My Savior and my family have been ever so faithful!

After Thanksgiving, I will be detailing each of my blessings that both Jimmy and I shared at our family gathering, but I encourage you to start your own "blessing sharing" at your family gathering.  If you are not going to a family members home for Thanksgiving this year, just write down your blessings on a notecard.  
It isn't all about the sharing.
It is about the attitude of thanks.
I saw this wall hanging in a store once and it made me smile.
The same way it makes me smile now...

We've all heard that saying, "A thankful heart is a happy heart" and that is so true!

This Thanksgiving holiday, I encourage you to embark on the day with thanksgiving in your heart because when we really start to think upon our lives, we all have much to be thankful for!

I am thankful for all of you - my readers - and appreciate you so much!



Monday, November 19, 2012

My Makeup

I have had a fascination with makeup since I was a teenager.  
I was never good at art [couldn't draw a stick figure straight], so I decided that fashion, hair and makeup were going to be my own personal arts.  I am no sought after artist in any of those forms, but I do enjoy makeup and how it truly can transform your entire look!

Often, I get asked "Can I watch you do your makeup?"

I am always flattered by the question because, again, I am no Picasso when it comes to makeup, I just do what works for me.

But, here you go!

Warning:  It is 20 minutes long, but chocked full of info and tutorials!

I am very much a visual learner, but I also can sometimes understand things better when they are detailed out in print, too.
Detailed below are all the products I use along with descriptions of how they are used.

To start out, I cleaned my skin with a cleanser, applied a serum, moisturizer and eye cream.
All are detailed here.

Before applying my makeup, I start with #1 - Oil Mattifier. 
This product does just that - matte's the oil and my skin tends to get very oily no matter what the weather outside, so I apply this in my T-zone area.

#2 - Foundation Primer.
I put this over top of the Oil Mattifier, Moisturizer, Eye Cream and Serum.  
It keeps my foundation on all day and looking fresh.
The primer allows the foundation to adhere to it's vaseline-like, clear substance and provides a clear, smooth look.

#3 - Concealer.
As detailed in the video, I wear a darker concealer than my skin tone.  
It is a Beige 2 and I am currently wearing a Beige 1 foundation.  
Why?  Because it really helps cover the dark spots underneath my eyes and it blends better with my foundation and mineral powder that I use as my base and setting powder.

Sometimes when you match your concealer to your exact skin-tone shade, it can appear white and give you the look of a panda bear; which is not a good look for anyone.
So I avoid the look with a slightly darker concealer.

#4 + #5 - TimeWise Liquid Matte Foundation, Mineral Powder Foundation
I have always worn a liquid foundation, but the best part about the TimeWise Liquid Foundation is that it does not feel like a mask like other foundations can feel and covers so well even with a little amount.

I use a Mineral Powder Foundation overtop of my TimeWise Matte Liquid Foundation as my setting powder because I like the smooth look it gives me and it can be worn separately on a day that I don't want to get "all dolled up" but want to still be covered! 
So a great bang for your buck!

#6 - Mineral Blush
I mix the two shades together to create the color I like the best.
Because the blush is mineral based, it is build-able.
Just by adding a little more to your cheek area, you can make the color as dark as you would like.
The "J" technique for applying the blush is detailed in the video as well!  It provides an instant facelift!

#7 - Eyeshadow Primer
You know when you are checking out at the grocery store and your cashier just looks worn out?
Then, when she looks down, you see all of her eyeshadow is junked together in lines.
The Eyeshadow Primer keeps your eyeshadow from doing that.

It is a sticky formula that you put on your eye lids before applying your eye shadow.
I put just a little dab on both eyes and smear it from lash line to underneath my eyebrow.
Once you have applied all the colors you wish to use, rely on the primer to keep your eyeshadow shades looking morning fresh all day long!

#8 - Mineral Eye Shadow [All Over Shade]
I use a crystal color as my all over shade and coat my entire lid from lash line to underneath my eyebrow.
The all over color I use each day is either Crystaline or Moonstone.
They are both a shimmery pallet.

#9 - Crease Shade
I wear a darker color [always] in my crease.
The color I usually can be seen wearing is a matte shade, Toffee.
It is the color detailed to the right of the number nine.

#10 - Lid Shade
I will usually put on the lid shade last, after I have applied the crease shade and drug it down to the corner of my eye and onto my lash line.  I like a shimmer there too and it is called Honey Spice, but I will alternate colors used depending on what color of clothing I am wearing and add the pop of color, or similar color, there.

#11 - Black Liquid Eye Liner [L'Oreal]
I use a liquid eye liner and always have.
I like the smooth, bold look it offers and I use L'Oreal's brush tip option in carbon black.
**This is my only non-Mary Kay product used daily!**

#12 - Eyelash Primer
This primer is a clear and prepares your eyelashes for mascara, lengthening them and separating the lashes.
I feel this primer helps add extra length to your lashes.

#13 - Black Lash Love Mascara
I would put any designer brand of mascara up against this one!
It was rated #1 in the WORLD by Allure magazine before it was even out on the market!
You've got to try it!

#14 - Brown Eyebrow Pencil
I pencil in the front of my eyebrows because they aren't very dark and it helps create an arched, face-shaping look.

#15 - Lipstick/Lipgloss Primer
This stuff is the bomb!
It really allows your lipstick/lipgloss to hold to your lips even during eating and drinking!
It is clear and slides on like a chap stick.

#16 - Neutral Lip Liner
I line my lips and then fill them in with this pencil.

#17 - Liquid Lip Color/Lipstick
If I don't line and fill-in my lips with the lip pencil, I use a rose colored liquid lip or cream lipstick.
Liquid Lip color - Raspberry Ice.
Cream Lipstick color - Whipped Berries.

#18 - Gold Rush Lip Gloss
I use Gold Rush over EVERYTHING!
It is a great glossy, shimmer, neutral color that looks like the Carrie Underwood glossy nude lip when worn by its' self!
**Discontinued, but there is a color similar to it now.**

If you are not using brushes to apply your makeup, you should start!
These are all the brushes that I use and the four middle brushes all come in the Mary Kay Brush Collection, $48.00

The first and second brushes are the Liquid Foundation Brush and Concealer Brush.  
Both can be purchased separately from Mary Kay for $10.00 each.
Also, a Mary Kay Mineral Foundation Brush [flat top] is available for purchase for $10.00 also.
All brushes - set + Foundation Brush + Concealer Brush + Mineral Foundation Brush - would cost $78.00 [w/o tax] and the roll-up pouch comes along!

That is a STEAL for professional-grade, human hair cosmetic brushes! 

If you don't already have a Mary Kay Consultant that you regularly purchase from,  feel free to purchase any products listed above, direct from me!  All shipping is done through Mary Kay and they will deliver your purchased products to your front doorstep for a $3.00 fee.
Enjoy a 10% off discount by typing in promo code - Blog Reader - at checkout.

Here is the finished, up-close look.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hair Care

How my hair looked, always served as my personal barometer for confidence that day.
If I felt I was having a bad hair day, I in turn had no confidence.
If I was unsure if I liked the cut, style, or color, I was unsure all day and constantly second guessing my look.
And, if I felt I was having a great hair day and was please with the look, I had a sky-rocketing confidence-filled day!
For me, hair has always been my confidence confidant!

With that being said, I do invest in hair care and hair products.
[Products used in order.]

Let's start with Shampoo & Conditioner.
I do feel that the product you start to care for your hair with, does matter.  
My mom would tell you otherwise as she has used the same $3.00 brand of shampoo for years, but after I tried salon-grade shampoo and conditioner duos in my own home bathroom, I was sold!

I use about anything Bed Head, but I love their Recovery & Resurrection duos.
I am constantly putting heat on my hair and I like the soft, restored feeling that they both give my hair after shampooing and conditioning. 

Every Sunday night, I do a "Spa Night," where I take my shower at night, do a Microdermabrasion treatment to my face in the shower, wash and condition my hair and then put this conditioning balm on my hair and leave it on overnight.

I just put a hand towel down on my pillow, pin my bangs back and sleep in a ponytail.  
In the morning, I just shampoo out the conditioning balm and then proceed with my styling routine. 
Right now my hair is dyed with blonde highlights and continues to get blonder and blonder.
I used this is the summer to cast a "blonder" looked on my hair and now just use it to spray on visible re-growth and when I feel my hair isn't as vibrant looking.

It is kind of like the Sun-In concept, but actually lightens your hair a blonde, or blonder color rather than the orangey-yellow color Sun-In had the tendency to do.
The more you spray - the lighter your hair will get.
**Only woks when using heat or on blonde or blond highlighted hair.**

I spray it in my hair once a week before using Rusk's Gleam.
When I plan to wear my hair straight, I put a nickel size of this product in my hair before blowing dry.
It helps keep the frizz down, plus adds a shine to your hair and a light silkiness.  
I think it helps my hair to look freshly blown out even days after styling.

Same as the products you use on your hair, I feel that your "hair tools" are important to consider when you are trying to achieve a certain style.

I love this Conair Infinity Pro hair dryer!
I bought mine at Walmart after getting the recommendation from my mom and sister-in-law.
It is fast drying, safe heating, and always give the look I am looking for in half the time!

With my current hair style [shoulder length inverted bob], if I have the extra 20-30 minutes, I will blow out my hair.
If you are not familiar with the term "blow out," it is what they do to your hair in the salon where they blow it dry, second-by-section with a round brush and blow dryer.  Many times they have the attachment on where the wind is concentrated into a flat space.
If you are still lost, click here for a video tutorial.

I like blowing my hair out and never have to use the straightener if I do!  

When blowing my hair out, I use a medium size round brush, much like this one here.

If I am not blowing my hair out and am wearing it straight, or even just need to style my bangs, I use this CHI straightener.  
I have had the same one for years and it was well worth the money paid because of the long-wearing usage I have gotten from it and the style it provides.

[Photos taken during my year as Miss West Virginia '09]

I have naturally wavy hair, but with the diffuser and products that I use, it looks very big and curly when I style it.  Without a diffuser, I do not think you can get a natural, bouncy look, unless you have lots of hair and lots of natural curl that needs no "help" curling on its own.  

The diffuser I use is one that I bought at Walmart and it slides onto the nose of my blow dryer.

Here are a few options of how to style with a diffuser.  
I always blow my hair dry [after putting product in], with my head turned upside down.

Because my hair is curly, but very thick and heavy, I have to use tick and heavy curling products to get it to stay and hold its "big" style.

After getting out of the shower and before blow drying, I coat my hair with the Not Your Mothers Kinky Moves curl defining cream.  Then, I blow dry a little.
Next, I use the L'Oreal Out of Bed texturizing cream and do the same - coat and dry upside down.
Lastly, I use the Short Sexy Hair Hard Up because if my hair is not curly enough, or big enough by the time the two steps above are done, this does the trick!  
It is a thick, pasty consistency and hold my hair in place.

Many times after using these products together, because of my hair's consistency and thickness, I can go a few days without washing my hair when wearing it curly and just put a little bit of the Hard Up in my hair each day, blow dry with the diffuser upside down and it looks like I just did it!

Last items of use are Nexus Maxximum Hold Hairspray and either of the shine sprays!
The Nexus hairspray is the BEST I have ever tried!  
It holds the style, but is easily combed out and restyled, or straightened again.

**The Nexus Comb-Thru is JUNK!**
Unless you want to entirely redo your entire style, don't use it!  
When I tried it, it was like putting spray water on my styled hair. 

Any of these products can be purchased at almost all Walmart's, any drugstore, or online hair care/hair tools website like or any others!
Check out the beauty counters at TJ Maxx or Marshalls!  
I started using many of these products when I found them shopping there!

Happy Styling!