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This Rock

I recently spoke at the Women of Purpose conference in Parkersburg, WV.  A that conference I detailed a real-life experience that changed my life from that point on.  

Surrounding that experience, I wasn't really sure how to reach out to God.  It got to the point that I felt I had no one else that I could turn to, or that would understand me, and I started knocking at God's heart.  After after many months of knocking, He knocked back with the most profound 7-word message directed to me, and only me. 

This song - This Rock by Brandon Heath - reminds me much of that time when I started "knocking."
I had felt so alone and as this song plays out it is a vision of my testimony.
Or could be the story of my testimony.

Each phrase, word, thought represents almost exactly how I felt.  

His version is about someone in his life [Brandon Heath], but this song [to me] represents where I remember I was, but where I am now.  

I think there is so much growth in looking back into the past.
Many don't want to do that because of the hurts, upsets, disappointments they may want to forget, but for me, it so relegating to know where I have been, but now, who I have by my side as I proceed forward in His plan.

"This Rock" is not a material thing for me.  Brandon details in an off camera interview that the "rock" he refers to is a rock in Malibu where he and his friend used to sit and how he is brought back to "the rock" to be in his presence again, along with God's, since they both shared a very strong faith.

"This Rock," to me, is talking about my God.
He is my Rock.  My redeemer.  My healer.
No other "rock" could ever take place of who he is to me and how much I value being able to walk side-by-side with Him.

Enjoy Brandon as he writes his own music on your heart.


Beth Moore's "Hairbrush"

Just last weekend, I attended a Beth Moore simulcast with LouAnne Cyrus who attends Bible Center Church in Charleston, WV where the simulcast viewing was taking place.  We had 12 ladies in our group that attended both Friday evening and Saturday all day and we all had an amazing time staying up in the hotel room till 2:00 a.m. talking and telling stories.  That weekend, we not only gained a closer friendship, but an even more direct walk with the Lord.

The whole day was spent on a passage in 2 Kings concerning two women - one of which had everything, the other had nothing.  We reviewed verses 4-33 and she gave us seven points of how to hear from the Lord.  

We, as women, are always talking:  Talking to our girlfriend, our children, our husband/significant other, our co-workers, ourselves!  We talk so much that [many times] we never really hear from God because we are talking over Him. 

God has a word for you!  Believe it or not, he may just be waiting on that calm moment where you stop and are waiting on His voice to start the conversation.  In the waiting, you just may receive the biggest statement from the Lord - something you may have prayed for, or something you have not.  

I remember in one of my times of intense seeking after the Lord and His purpose for me in a particular moment in my life, my mom sent me a link to the video below. 

If you don't know Beth Moore, you are in for a very real and detailed story concerning something God taught her when she [like many of us] was being stubborn and not wanting to obey Him when He asked her to comb a disheveled man's hair in the airport while she waited to board a flight.  

Go ahead.  Take eight minutes out of your day and watch this video.  

I laugh...

And I cry...

Every time I watch it.

I never want God to stop moving me toward His will the way he did Beth.  

"He knows all our needs."

Today, if you are feeling the tug that you want to feel that same overwhelming presence, all it takes is to start that relationship again, speak to your God again, listen for His word.  

Check out this devotion post by Joyce Meyer entitled "Six Signs You Need to Stop Talking."

You're sure to be renewed in His presence, today!

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