Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm REVIVED in Quinn Novels

Meet Quinn Novels, my REVIVE woman!

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to share my story at the Women of Purpose conference and if you can't catch the drift surrounding my posts, if you weren't there, you really missed out!

It is always the first weekend in October, so look ahead and mark off that Saturday to be in Parkersburg, WV at the Bellennerhasset Middle School and worship with the 500 women who attend each year!

But anyway....

Through the WOP event, they sponsor missions in Honduras.  One mission is geared toward building houses for families in Hondorus and another ministry is geared toward a women's conference held in Hondorus for missionaries and others serving in ministry.

Many times when you are a missionary it is assumed that you are so connected with the Savior, that you don't need a REVIVE conference.
That couldn't be more wrong.

Those that are fully giving of themselves through mission work are often those that need poured back into the most.  They pour out so much that they find themselves empty and the REVIVE women's conference is specifically designed to allow the women to come and get REVIVED.  Nothing is asked of them other than to come and the ladies at the WOP conference were asked to sponsor 100 women to attend the REVIVE conference and get just that - REVIVED.

The four missionaries that came back to the states, specifically for the WOP conference, talked so openly about how the REVIVE conference saved their lives, their spirit, their sanity, that I couldn't help but chose to sponsor a woman so that she could have that same experience.

$100 would sponsor one woman for an entire year!
She would be able to attend and all of the conferences that the WOP Mission Team puts on for the women working in ministry in Honduras and surrounding.
This sponsorship would cover her meal, stay, materials received there - everything!

Right now, the WOP Mission Team is in Honduras putting on the largest WOP conference and this is a real-life letter written by a missionary woman attending.
Dear Fellow Princess Warrior,
Does it not thrill your soul to know we share a common lineage of grace and know the same Daddy?  I am more accustomed to being the “giver” and not necessarily the “receiver” of lavish gifts like this retreat.  Thank you. 

Sixty days ago my husband and I were lying face down in a city street with automatic weapons pointed at our heads and bodies.  The five men who came to bring destruction to our lives we allowed to steal our belongings and truck, but Father God drew a line in that street that night and said, “You will not touch their lives.” 

We feel humbled and grateful to be allowed by God’s grace to continue to have life and breath and continue serving 92 children and their families.  Though the days that have followed our attack, God has been kind to begin a healing work in our minds, hearts, and memories.  Already God has given us a glimpse of the eternal ramifications of this traumatic time.  We have witnessed restoration of broken relationships among those we serve as we have chosen to forgive the men who attacked us. 

Just as importantly, God has strengthened our marriage through this event, and Jesus has wept out long-standing cobwebs in my heart.  The heart work Jesus began that night in a dark street, he is continuing this weekend at this Retreat.  He is speaking words of healing over my mind and terrorized heart. 

Being surrounded by these precious women reminds me of the sweetness of laughter, joy, love, and Christian fellowship.  This time to be revived means SO much more to me after nearly losing our lives at the hands of thieves.  Begin brought back to “center” – JESUS – breathes new passion and love into my spiritual lungs!  Thank you!

Valerie Schubert

The below was provided by Sarah - WOP Praise Team Member - who details this time with Valerie.

I (Sarah) was honored to have Valerie in my prayer group.  As she told this story, tears welled in all our eyes.  She described praying for the salvation of the five, masked gunmen who were holding machine guns to her head.  At one point, a gunman got his machine gun too close to Valerie, and her husband stepped between the gun and Valerie, causing a scuffle that injured her husband. 

These thieves took everything.  Their truck, money, and all the paperwork they were carrying, which was every document they had as they were heading to a board meeting for their ministry.  Now, the thieves had their address and personal information listed on the passports and paperwork.

Valerie described her fear as she wondered if they would hunt her and her family down.  But, she said with time, she gave up the fear and is thankful to God for how he has grown her through the experience. 

I wish each of you could meet Valerie in person. Her smile radiates that Jesus lives inside her.  Her advice and knowledge of God and His character were a blessing to all of those who listened. 

Thanks for sharing, Valerie. You give hope to those who live in fear, who need to forgive, or who need the cobwebs shaken from their heart. 

After reading that, it just makes me want to be there!
[It will more-than-likely be a planned trip next year and I can't wait]

But, for right now, all I can do is pray unceasingly for Quinn that she, too, is able to feel REVIVED and let anything that was weighing her down before her REVIVE arrival, is lifted by the time that she leaves and continues in her mission field.

We all have a mission field and would a sponsorship of a one-time-gift of $100 be the start to yours?

If so, please visit this site and pay through PayPal for a "Sponsorship of a REVIVE women."
Donate Here

And, if you would like to see pictures of a house the team built, visit to an orphanage, and receive daily details, visit the Women of Purpose Facebook Page and Blog.

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