Monday, November 5, 2012

Faux Fur Splurge vs. Save

I love the look of fur....but can afford faux fur!

So when I ran across the below photos on Pinterest, I thought, "Oh, I love that look" but knew it was a designer item.  

As usual, when I like something, I figure out how to recreate it with steal-price items.

I loved them both, but the longer sweater adorned with a thick fur collar was my favorite look and I thought may be easier to recreate on a budget!

Love just the fur wrap?  
**Me too.**

If you clicked on the link, you can see that this beautiful, but expensive sweater will run you $150 before shipping and tax.


I [really] think I could do without it for that cost!

So I continued on the search for this beautiful find, but in faux fur.

While visiting at my parents house, I stumbled across the Chadwicks catalog.  
Yes, I know - not really my style, but my mom loves their long pants and both being 5'8", we're always looking for the pant that will meet our leg length requirements.

Well, I flipped through the pages and found it!  
I found the replica - steal price - sweater I had been looking for!

Yes, you may say, "That is a statement sweater," but what else would you expect from me?

I love it...and the price...but [confession] I ended up finding one very similar at Gabriel Brothers for $7.99, so that is the real steal!

Will post a pic soon!

Have any styles you are looking for at a steals price?  
Comment below and I will see if I can help!

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