Monday, November 5, 2012

The Serenity of a Cabin...

Jimmy and I have a thing for cabins!

We got married in October and maybe it is just that time of year, but to us, a cabin allows you to cozy up, spend time with those you're vacationing with, and truly get away from the busyness of life.  

We honeymooned in a cabin and spent our first anniversary in a cabin!

At the time we got married, my husband was in the heat of nursing school.  So because of that fact, our 8-day honeymoon cruise was postponed.  As it is many groom's responsibility, Jimmy had to figure out what we were going to do for a mini-moon instead and he decided that a 5-day trip to a secluded cabin would meet all of both our mini-moon requests!

So he found a cabin in Hocking Hills, Ohio, perfect for two and equipped with its own outdoor hot-tub!

While we were there, we did go zip lining, and for my sake, I am choosing not to post those photos ;)

Let's just say it was raining, cold, no makeup, ratty clothing layered just to stay warm, but we had fun and that's all that mattered!

Many mornings, mid-days, and nights were spent in this hot tub!

We loved it and Jimmy loved it so much that he may have convinced me Christmas presents to one, may just be a hot tub on our back deck!

I can already feel the warmth :)

And lastly, I thought on our honeymoon we would get a break from hunting, but I was wrong.

My brother is the one who introduced Jimmy and I and they met one another on a out west hunting trip, so go figure!

So even while snuggled up in the cabin, Jimmy requested twice to watch a hunting show and it was his vacation too, so I agreed!  But, then we watched Legally Blonde right after that, so he got his fair share of my TV choices too!

1st Year Anniversary Trip
When deciding what we were going to do for our anniversary, we were still taxed with Jimmy's schooling situation.  Yes, we could have gone away.  We could have paid a large sum of money to stay in a cabin near where we honeymooned, but again, there was a time factor involved.  He is three weeks away from graduating with his R.N. and we both couldn't be more anxious for that day, but because of having his only evening class on our anniversary, we only had one evening [Sunday] available to celebrate and I didn't feel like sitting in the car for most of that day just to go stay somewhere away from home and celebrate.

So Kevin Harris, one of Jimmy's close friends and long-time buddy, offered to allow us to stay in his cabin - which is located about 15 minutes away from our house - for as long as we wanted!

Needless to say, I was ecstatic and we so enjoyed our time there!

The cabin was built specifically for Kevin's family and other hunting buddies to use when over in Ohio, hunting for the "big bucks."  If you ask me, this is the nicest, gently-used cabin I have ever seen, but again, I wasn't complaining!  It sleeps eight, plus has a full basement, whirlpool tub, full-kitchen, two baths, and the coziest feel!

Check out the pictures and fall in love too!

This is an arial view map of the cabin - its placement - and the entire farm surrounding it.

If this front door rug doesn't state "hunting cabin," I don't know what does!  

I forgot to mention that not only is this a place for friends and family to relax while the men hunt, but it is also a place to display their successes!

**If you are against hunting and taxidermy, you may want to forgo seeing the rest of the photos.**

- Cozy great room - 

Wall of Fame and unique stairway railings

Another view of the Great Room, displaying many successes and shed findings.

 - Kitchen area and table - 

- Kitchen -

- Master Bedroom - 

Yes, one of those deer heads looks like it's coming out of the wall at you and took some getting used to!

 - Master Bath -

- 2nd Bedroom - 

- Foyer Loft Bed - 

- 2nd Floor Balcony View - 

Love the wood floors....

- 3rd Bedroom - 

Jimmy was checking out all of the photos.

- Full Walk-Out Basement - 

When you are out hunting all day in a group, yes, you may need two sets of washers and dryers!

Waking up to this view was so serene.

We drank our coffee out on the porch and talked more about our life together and continued to reminisce about the past year of marriage.  During that time, we both commented on the blessing we had experienced together, but thanked our Lord and Savior for His love, His guidance, His direction, for our families, our future, our continual growing love for one another, and the list goes on!

And, yes, we did thank the Lord for generous friends!

Thank you so much Kevin and Shelli Harris for allowing us to spend our amazing first year anniversary at your beautiful cabin!  We both hope many more invitations are offered, but with you and your families presence involved!

Let's plan a date soon!

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