Monday, November 5, 2012

Boots, Boots...and more Boots!

This fall/winter, there are many wardrobe items that have been considered on-trend and boots is the main one!

Every year, when "boots season" rolls around, I always love getting out my boots and playing with the outfit options, but this year, I feel there are more boot options than normal!

As you can see from the two photos below [taken from BEBE], the styles this year are very versatile and come from a large selection.

In the past few years, riding boots have been a staple for fall/winter boot selections and this year is no different!

As you can see, classic chestnut, brown and black were the color choices made by these stars, but this photo also shows the different ways riding boots are being paired with jeans, dresses, leggings, and frilly tops.

Riding boots with sweater dresses is a trend you will see often in this fall/winter clothing lines.  
The key is to wear thick tights under the dress to keep the style looking fall/winter.
I love the outfit combo on the right - t-shirt, sweater dress, leather leggings or thick tights and a simple belted jacket.

And...the over-the-knee boot makes the cut again!

If you know me at all, you know that black and grey are both seen a great deal in my own wardrobe!  I just had to put this photo up because I love each of these outfits, but again, it shows how versatile you can be with the over-the-knee boot paired with a casual dress, dressy dress, coat, or skinny jeans.

The mid-calf boot made a more bold entrance in the 2012 fall/winter collections.
This year the mid-calf boot is seen in a military, slouched, heeled, chunk heel, spike heel, etc.  

The above photo [in my opinion] shows the mid-calf boot done well...and done wrong.

The mid-calf boot leaves more of the leg/pant to be shown, so make sure that your shirt or tunic is covering enough to make the contrast trendy, not trashy.  
Kate Beckinsale got it right!
Shakira got it wrong.

Booties are another trend this fall/winter season.  
We've seen this trend before, but not as prevalent as it is this year!

Booties with straps, high ankle booties, ankle booties, cut out booties.  
Booties, booties, booties!

Many are pairing their booties with cocktail dresses and suits.
I personally love the bootie/suit combo and I just happen to LOVE these black and white houndstooth booties!  

May just have to make them mine :)

And lastly, the military-style boot!

And, as this post's trend is going, you can wear the military-style boot with anything!
I actually love this look and think I may be adding a ankle military boot to my own fall/winter boot collection!

Loving any of these looks but living on a budge?

Me too, sister!

That is why I shop wisely at, where you can find any of these styles at a budgets price where style is not compromised!

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