Friday, November 30, 2012

Dress for your Body Shape

Next to knowing the colors that flatter you the most, dressing for your specific body shape is the second step in creating the perfect look for yourself.

**If you don't know your colors, visit this blog and check out their great analysis of color matching.**

Knowing your shape is not about being a size 0.  
It is about dressing your shape - whichever one you are - in clothing that drapes in flattering ways specific to your shape.  
 am going to be detailing below what outfits would look good on one shape, but would not look good on another, etc.  

First, let's get our shapes down.

Each woman was born with one shape or another.  
You can lose or gain weight, but you are still going to have the same shape no matter what the scales say. 

The Apple Shape
This shape consists of a large bust, thicker middle, but skinny or toned legs.
Most of the apple shaped body styles can lose and gain weight and look somewhat different, but they still remain an apple shape.

Jessica Simpson is our Apple Shaped model.
As you can see - at her varying weights - she still remained with her glowing apple shape.

Most apple shaped women have a large bust [which I am jealous of] and then their hips tend to line up with the width of their bust and shoulders.

Selma Hayeck is also deemed an Apple Shape.  

It is very evident here in this photo.
Even though her waist goes in some, that does not make her an hourglass shape.
She would be able to wear items that would be flattering to the hourglass, but she is still a beautiful apple shape.

What clothing items look good on an Apple Shape?
The empire waist is going to be your best friend!

The lift under the bust area and the cinched in waist is the best look for the Apple Shape.

This shows exactly what the Apple Shape's best clothing option would be!

Outfit choices for the Apple Shape.
Except: I disagree with the first dress/tunic top choice.  
Will accentuate in the wrong areas for this shape. 

The Pear Shape
This shape consists of a thicker rear area and thin arms and waist.  

Kim Kardashian is the Pear Shape Model!

Beyonce', Tyra Banks, and Christina Aguilera are also Pear Shapped women, but Kim is the ultimate spokesperson for this body shape and she wears it 'oh so well!

The pear shape's accent is on the bum and the bust/arms line up with the waist and then the curves start  at the hips.

What clothing items look good on a Pear Shape?

Since we are using Kim Kardashian as our model, if you follow her style, she is rarely in bold, wild prints.
Because it will draw more attention to the features she may be trying to hide or accentuate.
As you can see above, all the colors are very neutral and classic.

Let's take each outfit - starting from the left - and break it down.
The solid color navy dress drapes in all the ways that would be flattering to the pear shape.  You have the cinched in waist, solid color, and long enough skirt.  The military jacket's buttons accentuate the bottom of the pear shape, but more than likely, would cover the rear enough that it was not obscene and peaking out underneath the coat.  The flouncy top provides the subtle peplum bottom and accentuates the V-neck with the cinched in waist, while the pants are flare, accentuating the length of the leg, now the rear.  You would have an accentuation on the rear if you wore straight leg, skinny pants.  The top and skirt again provide the same added benefits as described by the other three outfits and the jacket and jeans, again, cinch in the waist paired with a flare leg, elongating the silhouette.   

The first dress is way to short for a pear shape.  
It would have to be a tunic for a pear shape and could even look like a little girls dress on a woman's body.
Epic Fashion Fail.

But the knee length, body-hugging dress provides just the right curve appeal and accentuates all the right features of the pear shape.  
And, Kim has been seen in the second dress.

The Hourglass Shape
The hourglass shape is probably the easiest to spot and to determine clothing choices for.

Beyonce' would be considered more of an hourglass than she would a pear shape because her bust and shoulders go out more at the top than our pear shaped model, Kim Kardashian's, does.

What clothing items would look good on an Hourglass Shape?

Like I said above, it is going to be one of the easiest shapes to find clothing for because it seems many stores taylor their clothing to this shape.  You can always find a pencil skirt and high waisted will provide more of that silhouette of curves.   An empire waist belt will do the trick as well!

The Rectangle Shape

Cameron Diaz is our Rectangle Shaped Model!

Cameron has always had that boyish, boxy, athletic figure, but she knows how to flatter her figure and provide shape.

Because of her shape, she can get away with mini dresses, flat front skirts and skinny jeans with loose fitting tops.  

What clothing items might look good on the Rectangle Shape?

As you can see, the Rectangle Shape can wear about anything, but keeping with the more classic, girly looks will always win out for this body shape.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this clothing tutorial and if you still are a little lost on the shapes, what shape you are, what clothing choices might look good with a specific shape, visit these two blogs I stumbled upon during the creation of this posts - Dressing for your Body Shape and Inside Out Style.

Now, let's go shopping :)


  1. Thanks for all the great advice. My friend and I have a shopping date at the outlet mall in San Diego and this will be great to know when I go. Make things less frustrating.

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    1. Dear Reader,

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      Have a wonderful well and blog on strong!


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