Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A little motorcycle trip.....

There's no better feeling that being behind my man.  I love motorcycle trips and this just happened to be the last one we were able to take before the weather got too cold.  

This trip was take on October 11th and we started out at home (Ravenswood, WV) and traveled the backroads to Spencer, WV for the Black Walnut Festival.  

For some reason, the Black Walnut Festival has always been a never-miss kind of event for me!  I had the privilege to be crown the BWF Queen in 2005 and receive 4th Runner-Up at the Association of Fairs and Festivals pageant with that title!  The festival is just one of those great food, great people, great entertainment kind of festivals and it's always been a yearly event that my family rarely misses!

If you're a faithful reader, you already know that the way to Jimmy's heart starts with the letter "P" - PIZZA!  So what did he have to have as soon as we arrived and parked?

I do have a confession to make.  
Not only did I want Jimmy to see what I loved so much about this particular festival, but there is one food vendor that only comes to three WV festivals and the BWF just happens to be one of them!

It's fried potatoes with unions, peppers, and cheese all mixed together.  
Let's just say, it was de-vine!

As we watched the 2 hour parade at our traditional location, I wanted to document our time with photos and Jimmy helped create the memory by being himself... oh, boy!

He does make me laugh though!

From Spencer, we headed to my best friend's sons first birthday party in Charleston, WV.  We went the backroads, but realized at the party that we were leaving kind of late and had to take the interstate for about 1.15 hours, headed to Jimmy's parents for a BBQ night.  After getting off the interstate and traveling the backroads for another 45 minutes, our rears were hurting and we were happy to have a place to rest and relax....and a vehicle to drive home!  

Motorcycle trips are times we cherish.  
We talk, we reminisce about old times, check out the scenery, and just spend time together without any technical devices; just our thoughts and conversation.  

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