The Wills'

How they met....

Believe it or not, I met my husband through my brother.  To preface this story, my brother Tyler is two years younger than myself and has been married for a few years already and thinks he knows exactly who his sister would like, but I wasn't believing it. He met Jimmy on an out-west hunting trip.  They were both strangers to one another, but by the end of the trip, they were besties.  

He tells me about his newfound friend, Jimmy - he is younger than me and still in school - so I knew there was no hope for this relationship since those two qualities were at the top of my "NO WAY" list and I immediately wasn't interested.  

After some coaxing, I agreed to meet up with my brother, my sister-in-law, and Jimmy at Bob Evans after doing makeup for a December 11th wedding.   And honestly...the rest is history!  As my brother tells it, "They just clicked and right away, were laughing about things that were only funny to those two."  We both believe we were "made for each other" and were engaged on April 7th and married (after only knowing each other 10 months), in October 2011.  

When they wed....

October has always been both our favorite month for years and we both knew it would be beautiful to have an outside wedding with all the colored leaves in West Virginia.  That it was, but the rest of the day was a total disaster!  But we are married, happy, and wouldn't have changed much about that day -  oh, other than the screeching, howling, blowing wind and the DJ who were the two HUGE factors in everything being a total fiasco!  

We look back on that day and laugh now...and so do all the beloved guests that were there!  It was definitely a memorable day!

How they live....
Currently, we live in Ravenswood, WV and own a farm near Pomeroy, Ohio.    

My hubby is a nurse and a farmer.  

I am a "jack of all trades".

We are overwhelmingly in love with one another!