Friday, November 16, 2012

Hair Care

How my hair looked, always served as my personal barometer for confidence that day.
If I felt I was having a bad hair day, I in turn had no confidence.
If I was unsure if I liked the cut, style, or color, I was unsure all day and constantly second guessing my look.
And, if I felt I was having a great hair day and was please with the look, I had a sky-rocketing confidence-filled day!
For me, hair has always been my confidence confidant!

With that being said, I do invest in hair care and hair products.
[Products used in order.]

Let's start with Shampoo & Conditioner.
I do feel that the product you start to care for your hair with, does matter.  
My mom would tell you otherwise as she has used the same $3.00 brand of shampoo for years, but after I tried salon-grade shampoo and conditioner duos in my own home bathroom, I was sold!

I use about anything Bed Head, but I love their Recovery & Resurrection duos.
I am constantly putting heat on my hair and I like the soft, restored feeling that they both give my hair after shampooing and conditioning. 

Every Sunday night, I do a "Spa Night," where I take my shower at night, do a Microdermabrasion treatment to my face in the shower, wash and condition my hair and then put this conditioning balm on my hair and leave it on overnight.

I just put a hand towel down on my pillow, pin my bangs back and sleep in a ponytail.  
In the morning, I just shampoo out the conditioning balm and then proceed with my styling routine. 
Right now my hair is dyed with blonde highlights and continues to get blonder and blonder.
I used this is the summer to cast a "blonder" looked on my hair and now just use it to spray on visible re-growth and when I feel my hair isn't as vibrant looking.

It is kind of like the Sun-In concept, but actually lightens your hair a blonde, or blonder color rather than the orangey-yellow color Sun-In had the tendency to do.
The more you spray - the lighter your hair will get.
**Only woks when using heat or on blonde or blond highlighted hair.**

I spray it in my hair once a week before using Rusk's Gleam.
When I plan to wear my hair straight, I put a nickel size of this product in my hair before blowing dry.
It helps keep the frizz down, plus adds a shine to your hair and a light silkiness.  
I think it helps my hair to look freshly blown out even days after styling.

Same as the products you use on your hair, I feel that your "hair tools" are important to consider when you are trying to achieve a certain style.

I love this Conair Infinity Pro hair dryer!
I bought mine at Walmart after getting the recommendation from my mom and sister-in-law.
It is fast drying, safe heating, and always give the look I am looking for in half the time!

With my current hair style [shoulder length inverted bob], if I have the extra 20-30 minutes, I will blow out my hair.
If you are not familiar with the term "blow out," it is what they do to your hair in the salon where they blow it dry, second-by-section with a round brush and blow dryer.  Many times they have the attachment on where the wind is concentrated into a flat space.
If you are still lost, click here for a video tutorial.

I like blowing my hair out and never have to use the straightener if I do!  

When blowing my hair out, I use a medium size round brush, much like this one here.

If I am not blowing my hair out and am wearing it straight, or even just need to style my bangs, I use this CHI straightener.  
I have had the same one for years and it was well worth the money paid because of the long-wearing usage I have gotten from it and the style it provides.

[Photos taken during my year as Miss West Virginia '09]

I have naturally wavy hair, but with the diffuser and products that I use, it looks very big and curly when I style it.  Without a diffuser, I do not think you can get a natural, bouncy look, unless you have lots of hair and lots of natural curl that needs no "help" curling on its own.  

The diffuser I use is one that I bought at Walmart and it slides onto the nose of my blow dryer.

Here are a few options of how to style with a diffuser.  
I always blow my hair dry [after putting product in], with my head turned upside down.

Because my hair is curly, but very thick and heavy, I have to use tick and heavy curling products to get it to stay and hold its "big" style.

After getting out of the shower and before blow drying, I coat my hair with the Not Your Mothers Kinky Moves curl defining cream.  Then, I blow dry a little.
Next, I use the L'Oreal Out of Bed texturizing cream and do the same - coat and dry upside down.
Lastly, I use the Short Sexy Hair Hard Up because if my hair is not curly enough, or big enough by the time the two steps above are done, this does the trick!  
It is a thick, pasty consistency and hold my hair in place.

Many times after using these products together, because of my hair's consistency and thickness, I can go a few days without washing my hair when wearing it curly and just put a little bit of the Hard Up in my hair each day, blow dry with the diffuser upside down and it looks like I just did it!

Last items of use are Nexus Maxximum Hold Hairspray and either of the shine sprays!
The Nexus hairspray is the BEST I have ever tried!  
It holds the style, but is easily combed out and restyled, or straightened again.

**The Nexus Comb-Thru is JUNK!**
Unless you want to entirely redo your entire style, don't use it!  
When I tried it, it was like putting spray water on my styled hair. 

Any of these products can be purchased at almost all Walmart's, any drugstore, or online hair care/hair tools website like or any others!
Check out the beauty counters at TJ Maxx or Marshalls!  
I started using many of these products when I found them shopping there!

Happy Styling!


  1. Thanks so much for all of the help! I learned a lot from this post.

    Do you wash your hair everyday?

  2. Thanks for your comment and I am so sorry I am just now getting to it. I have been swamped lately and Blogger just sent me this...weird!

    Anyway, no, I do not wash my hair everyday.

    I try to go every-other-day with it straight and when it is curly, it can even be up to three days that I will go without washing it. My hair does well with product in it and my life is too hectic to have to worry about blowing it out everyday, so I wait to wash it every-other-day mostly!

    Again, thanks for your comment!


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