Monday, November 5, 2012

Chilli Chicken & Cheese Mexicana

Recently, we have had a lot of events to attend [that encouraged food] and my "invention" was requested.  It has been such a hit, for some reason, that I was asked to put the recipe on the blog.  

So here it goes.....

These are the items that I used for one batch, but you can use a myriad of products, which I will list below.  
**Yes, we are graced with chicken wallpaper in our farmhouse rental.  Rental = not allowed to change.**
Chicken Tenderloins or 2 Canned Chicken Breast
Mexican Rice
Chilli w/no beans (is my preference)
Diced Green Chilies 
Velveeta Cheese
Banana Peppers 
(used as an add-in once cooked)
Crock Pot

- other items you could use - 

Queso Cheese Dip (Canned/Jar)
1 Bell Pepper
Taco Seasoning

I put the chicken in first.
You can use tenderloins, breasts or canned chicken breast, but you need to make sure that once it is cooked (any type you choose) that it is cut up into smaller cubes or shredded.
I personally don't use the tenderloins.  
I use the canned chicken breast, but had these tenderloins that needed to be used up and used those instead of another can of chicken breast.

I used 16 oz of Velveeta cheese for the crock pot that I use.
I make a full batch and use all contents listed above.
It makes enough for a family and there will still be leftovers.  
You do not have to use Velveeta cheese though.  
I have used a can of Queso Cheese Dip before too.
[Entire Can]

Put all the contents listed above in at once, except for the rice.  
You have to cook it separately and the heat from the cooked rice helps mix everything together and speed up the cooking process.

Allow for about 2-3 hours of cooking in the crock pot before serving.  

I cook mine on high and then move it down to warm while I am serving it.  

I like eating mine with tortilla chips :)

It is kinda like a dip when you are done, but it can be eaten with a fork or spoon too!  

This is a great game night dish, party favorite, quick family meal, or to make a dish in hopes of having  leftovers for a few days that still tastes fresh!


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