Farm Life

I stumbled across this video while doing laundry and listening to the news.
These boys reminded me so much of my husband, Jimmy and brother, Tyler, that I had to post it!
They loved it and laughed out loud - I am sure you will too!

[Took them three months to come up with lyrics, film it, and produce it]

"Obama, I Grew This!"

If you didn't know, my husband and I are pretty hard-core Republicans.  
That doesn't mean that we wouldn't vote for a Democrat if they were the better choice, 
but for the majority of elections, our views side with the "R's."

[Judge away and if you don't like it, you can stop reading.]

I worked for the Bush administration and have been interested and involved in politics in
one way or another since I was 18.  Jimmy is a hardworker, opinionated, and has supported
his fair share of politicians in his day.

The political action process intrigues us both and we have made it a point to use our "voting voice" since we turned 18 and registered to vote within the week of our birthdays.

Get it....we are involved.  

Opinions of the candidates aside, we were beyond ticked when we heard about Obama's
"You didn't build that" comment.  

So what did we do?


My mom and I had been away working in a trial when those comments were made, and we both thought right then that Jimmy should put a sign out in front of his corn.

So I posed the idea to him when I returned home and he said "Let's do it," right away!
I did the white painting and the stenciling.  He did the letter painting.
And we put it up together.

No, his corn may not seem like a business, but in the end, it really is!  

He tilled the ground.  He bought and planted the seed.  He sprayed the ground for weeds.
He would check the corn every three days to see its progress and watched the weather
religiously to make sure his corn would be profitable. 


He bought all of his own equipment with OUR hard-earned money, not the GOVERNMENT'S!

With Ohio being such a "toss-up" state in this 2012 election, we wanted everyone to know
where we stood and let's just say that the majority of our county (Meigs) is honking the
horn each time they pass by his planted corn on the Will family farm.

Yes, I realize that Obama said that "someone must have invested in you in some way" and
I get all of that, but when it comes down to it, it is his [Jimmy's] hard work and the harvest
he BUILT that will pay off for our family and his crop next year.

So if you couldn't figure it out by now, we are voting for the Romney/Ryan ticket!

[November 6, 2012 can't come soon enough.]

I'm a farmer's wife.  

I was a city girl who fell in love, and married a farmer.

My husband is a nurse by day, but dreams of being a farmer full-time.  

So, needless to say, the FARM is very much a part of our life.

We have been married almost a year and this was my first time [ever] to put up hay.  The
first go-around in July, I raked and he baled hay.  It really started with a tractor tutorial,
but by our second cutting, I had the hang of it and could do it on my own!

It may be the easiest job in hay production, but I LOVE it! 

It is kind of like really see the progress.  I love the alone time where
I get to think, listen to music, and see my husband in "his" element! 

And, as Jimmy says, seeing the full circle of farming really starts with the cutting and baling
of hay to feed cattle and caves, beefing them up, and keeping them healthy during pregnancy.  

Me, on the 1970 Ford tractor, raking hay into rows.

My progress so far :) smokin' hot hubby on his tractor with the baler behind picking up my rows.

Yep, you know I think his tractor is sexy!