Monday, November 19, 2012

My Makeup

I have had a fascination with makeup since I was a teenager.  
I was never good at art [couldn't draw a stick figure straight], so I decided that fashion, hair and makeup were going to be my own personal arts.  I am no sought after artist in any of those forms, but I do enjoy makeup and how it truly can transform your entire look!

Often, I get asked "Can I watch you do your makeup?"

I am always flattered by the question because, again, I am no Picasso when it comes to makeup, I just do what works for me.

But, here you go!

Warning:  It is 20 minutes long, but chocked full of info and tutorials!

I am very much a visual learner, but I also can sometimes understand things better when they are detailed out in print, too.
Detailed below are all the products I use along with descriptions of how they are used.

To start out, I cleaned my skin with a cleanser, applied a serum, moisturizer and eye cream.
All are detailed here.

Before applying my makeup, I start with #1 - Oil Mattifier. 
This product does just that - matte's the oil and my skin tends to get very oily no matter what the weather outside, so I apply this in my T-zone area.

#2 - Foundation Primer.
I put this over top of the Oil Mattifier, Moisturizer, Eye Cream and Serum.  
It keeps my foundation on all day and looking fresh.
The primer allows the foundation to adhere to it's vaseline-like, clear substance and provides a clear, smooth look.

#3 - Concealer.
As detailed in the video, I wear a darker concealer than my skin tone.  
It is a Beige 2 and I am currently wearing a Beige 1 foundation.  
Why?  Because it really helps cover the dark spots underneath my eyes and it blends better with my foundation and mineral powder that I use as my base and setting powder.

Sometimes when you match your concealer to your exact skin-tone shade, it can appear white and give you the look of a panda bear; which is not a good look for anyone.
So I avoid the look with a slightly darker concealer.

#4 + #5 - TimeWise Liquid Matte Foundation, Mineral Powder Foundation
I have always worn a liquid foundation, but the best part about the TimeWise Liquid Foundation is that it does not feel like a mask like other foundations can feel and covers so well even with a little amount.

I use a Mineral Powder Foundation overtop of my TimeWise Matte Liquid Foundation as my setting powder because I like the smooth look it gives me and it can be worn separately on a day that I don't want to get "all dolled up" but want to still be covered! 
So a great bang for your buck!

#6 - Mineral Blush
I mix the two shades together to create the color I like the best.
Because the blush is mineral based, it is build-able.
Just by adding a little more to your cheek area, you can make the color as dark as you would like.
The "J" technique for applying the blush is detailed in the video as well!  It provides an instant facelift!

#7 - Eyeshadow Primer
You know when you are checking out at the grocery store and your cashier just looks worn out?
Then, when she looks down, you see all of her eyeshadow is junked together in lines.
The Eyeshadow Primer keeps your eyeshadow from doing that.

It is a sticky formula that you put on your eye lids before applying your eye shadow.
I put just a little dab on both eyes and smear it from lash line to underneath my eyebrow.
Once you have applied all the colors you wish to use, rely on the primer to keep your eyeshadow shades looking morning fresh all day long!

#8 - Mineral Eye Shadow [All Over Shade]
I use a crystal color as my all over shade and coat my entire lid from lash line to underneath my eyebrow.
The all over color I use each day is either Crystaline or Moonstone.
They are both a shimmery pallet.

#9 - Crease Shade
I wear a darker color [always] in my crease.
The color I usually can be seen wearing is a matte shade, Toffee.
It is the color detailed to the right of the number nine.

#10 - Lid Shade
I will usually put on the lid shade last, after I have applied the crease shade and drug it down to the corner of my eye and onto my lash line.  I like a shimmer there too and it is called Honey Spice, but I will alternate colors used depending on what color of clothing I am wearing and add the pop of color, or similar color, there.

#11 - Black Liquid Eye Liner [L'Oreal]
I use a liquid eye liner and always have.
I like the smooth, bold look it offers and I use L'Oreal's brush tip option in carbon black.
**This is my only non-Mary Kay product used daily!**

#12 - Eyelash Primer
This primer is a clear and prepares your eyelashes for mascara, lengthening them and separating the lashes.
I feel this primer helps add extra length to your lashes.

#13 - Black Lash Love Mascara
I would put any designer brand of mascara up against this one!
It was rated #1 in the WORLD by Allure magazine before it was even out on the market!
You've got to try it!

#14 - Brown Eyebrow Pencil
I pencil in the front of my eyebrows because they aren't very dark and it helps create an arched, face-shaping look.

#15 - Lipstick/Lipgloss Primer
This stuff is the bomb!
It really allows your lipstick/lipgloss to hold to your lips even during eating and drinking!
It is clear and slides on like a chap stick.

#16 - Neutral Lip Liner
I line my lips and then fill them in with this pencil.

#17 - Liquid Lip Color/Lipstick
If I don't line and fill-in my lips with the lip pencil, I use a rose colored liquid lip or cream lipstick.
Liquid Lip color - Raspberry Ice.
Cream Lipstick color - Whipped Berries.

#18 - Gold Rush Lip Gloss
I use Gold Rush over EVERYTHING!
It is a great glossy, shimmer, neutral color that looks like the Carrie Underwood glossy nude lip when worn by its' self!
**Discontinued, but there is a color similar to it now.**

If you are not using brushes to apply your makeup, you should start!
These are all the brushes that I use and the four middle brushes all come in the Mary Kay Brush Collection, $48.00

The first and second brushes are the Liquid Foundation Brush and Concealer Brush.  
Both can be purchased separately from Mary Kay for $10.00 each.
Also, a Mary Kay Mineral Foundation Brush [flat top] is available for purchase for $10.00 also.
All brushes - set + Foundation Brush + Concealer Brush + Mineral Foundation Brush - would cost $78.00 [w/o tax] and the roll-up pouch comes along!

That is a STEAL for professional-grade, human hair cosmetic brushes! 

If you don't already have a Mary Kay Consultant that you regularly purchase from,  feel free to purchase any products listed above, direct from me!  All shipping is done through Mary Kay and they will deliver your purchased products to your front doorstep for a $3.00 fee.
Enjoy a 10% off discount by typing in promo code - Blog Reader - at checkout.

Here is the finished, up-close look.

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