Monday, February 3, 2014

The Mamma's and their Babies

This is my favorite time of year on the Will Family Farm. 
It’s just cool enough to still enjoy the tail-end of winter, but this is also when the Will baby calves start to grow into their personalities.   The Will calves are a mix between Hereford mothers and a Black Angus father.  This combination all the calves look like twins and triplets but they’re not.  They are all individual young calves with very vibrant personalities!

This little brown boy was the most spirited calve we had last year.  He loved to run and his mom just did her best to keep up with her very curious son!

Oh' Lady was off by herself and pretty soon after this photo was taken, she had a calf very late in the winter months. 

These teenage girls were separated because they were too young to be breed last year.  It was a beautiful day on the farm that day and I’m sure they were overlooking the rolling hills, wishing they were also out running like their little cousin!

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