Friday, February 28, 2014

Chic of the Week: Boots, Dresses, Jackets & Jewelry

Grommets, spikes, buckles, and straps have been a staple in this year's style winter style. 

This week, there are so many chic pieces to be featured, but to me, this is the best deal of all featured this week!  While shopping in NYC with my mom this past September, I spotted these and fell in love.  I soon fell out of love when I looked at the tag, $89.99.  I mean, they're not made with Sworski grommets or anything and the leather is faux!  When shopping, I am always conscious of the price vs. wear.  Although these boots are adorable and I could 'see' multiple outfits complete with them I couldn't justify the cost vs. my wear reality.  The brand-boot is from INC, featured at Macy's, but see below for an even better bargain boot!

I featured this online retailer earlier this week in my Hunter-Hype vs. Bargain Boot blog post, and while I did find this retailer to have quality items for a bargain's price, I am had to feature these boots on this week's Chic of the Week post!

Shiekh Black & Brown Gold Grommet Short Boot
**Brown - all sizes available.  Black - sizes 5-8.5 available.**

Better buy because….
* These look so expensive and would be a statement piece for any type of outfit.  Pair them with skinny jeans and a plain black sweater, leggings, or a black sweater dress and some long necklaces.**

Go Jane Quilted Low-Rise Boots
**Almost all sizes available in each color**

Better buy because….
**Even though these are faux leather, you're fooled by the quilting which makes them look chic and expensive.  I have a pair of boots from this online retailer and I have them almost every week in the fall/winter for two years.  I paid $40.00 and have gotten much more than my investment out of them!  The Stone color is my fav because it looks so warn and rugged.**  

Remember, you may not be able to get much more wear out of the short boots during this winter season, but buy for next year!  They'll still be chic then too!

Gold Toed Leopard Flat

Better buy because….
*With the two-tone (leopard + shiny gold), you'll get a lot more wear out of these flats.  Because of the gold accent, they could be paired with anything cream, gold, chestnut, or black, and red because of the leopard.*

Tidebuy Stylish Swallow Trail Maxi Dress

Better buy because….
*I shop a lot.  From boutiques, pageant shops, discount retailers, and thrift stores, and to me, this dress looks expensive and could be paired with many things!  It looks like the train would still be long enough for the 6" woman, or the 5'4 with platform heels.  You could wear this to a wedding, out with your girlfriends, on a date, or even pair it with a jacket and boots and get multi-season wear out of it!*

Bombshell Geo Sweater Dress
**Only available in size Small.**

Better buy because…..
*This tribal, geo pattern has been huge this year and it's here to stay for this spring season too!  This dress reminds me of something Victoria Beckham would wear and if you don't follow her clothing line, it's very expensive.  If I were a size small, I would be snatching this up because it too can be worn in multiple season if you just pair it with the right sweater, blazer, boots, or pumps.*

Forever 21 Jewelry
Clear Cross Bracelet - $5.99
3 Strand Cross Necklace - $2.99

Better buy because….
*These are cool, cool items!*

Forever 21 Cape Jacket

Better buy because….
*This piece screams chic!  Can't you see it walking down the NYC runway?  I sure can!  Pair it with an outfit similar to the one pictured, or with a pencil skirt and boots!*

Pair your cape with these long gloves

Better buy because….
*They won't be this price next year when you really need them!  And, they would be great paired with the cape, or any other outerwear jacket.*

Windsor Charcol Tweed Faux Leather Bomber Jacket

Better buy because….
*This jacket could be paired with so many things.  Replicate the look above, pair it with leather pants, a pleated skirt, pencil skirt, boots, or pumps.   With the variation in color - grey & black - you'll be able to pair it with much more than if it was a solid color.  Also, the fact that it has the tweed paired with it and faux leather sleeves makes it look more expensive and chic~*

As always…..
"There are tons of deals and steals out there, you just have to know where to shop!  
And if you don't, message me!"

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