Friday, February 14, 2014

Chic of the Week: Spiegel Feature

Every Friday, I am going to be posting a "Chic of the Week" which will detail online deals that I have found that are so chic, but are so cheap!  

If you're a new follower, have followed me before, or are a friend/acquaintance reading today, you'll soon realize that I love the Lord with all my heart, my husband second, our families third, but a great deal will always fall fourth!

Let's see which stores, designers, and discounts were featured in this week's
Chic of the Week

This week, I'm going to be featuring Spiegel.  
My plan is not to feature one brand or store in this weekly posting, but when browsing for deals and steals, I couldn't believe the quantity of quality items Spiegel currently has discounted!  

If you find something you like, always check for discounts or free shipping at
Order on or before President's Day, Monday, February 17th for some extra deals!  This coupon is good from 2/10-2-17.

Price:  $44.00 from $109.00
Size:  2-16 in both colors pictured

This coat would be perfect with winter white pants and gold or taupe heels, a black pencil skirt or sheath dress, or as pictured in the black on black & gold.  The look of the quality would be comparable to a Chanel timeless piece. 

Price:  $24.00 from $114.00
Size:  Black [2-16], Blue [8,10,14]

I can't believe this dress is $24.00!  It looks like it should be $300.00 and sold in some designer store or fancy boutique.  The blue is especially eye-catching!  Don't miss out on this deal...especially you pageant girls!  This would be a great interview dress, presentation dress, appearance dress, etc.

Price:  $24.00 from $99.00
Size:  2-16 in both colors

Same thing as above!  This would be a great interview, appearance, presentation, work, church dress.  It's flirty and cute for a great price!

Price:  $19.00 from $134.00
Size:  XS-2X [Black], S-M [White]

Wow!  What a deal!  
This is also a timeless couture piece that would look great with jeans, dress pants, or belted with a skirt.  

Price:  $19.00 from $74.00
Size:  2-16 in all colors

Again, I just can't believe these prices for the quality!  
I've never seen a Spiegel item that wasn't made from high-quality fabrics.  This piece would be chic and wearable season after season.  The fabric is perfect for cold water washing at home too!

Pricing:  $19.00 from $64.00
Size:  2-4 [Black & Purple], 4-16 [Red]

Pair either of these style tops above with this skirt below and create a complete look!

Price:  $24.00 from $44.00
Size:  2-24W in both colors

Timeless pattern, durable quality, can't lose!

Price:  $24.00 from $174.00
Size:  2-16 in all three colors

This would be perfect for a summer wedding and different from other items that may be worn, but still appropriate!  And, you can't beat the cost!

Price: $5.06 - $10.00
11 different pairs available

Cateye in both prescription frames and sunglasses are the 'in' style now for women!  Make sure you score with this deal because sunglasses is one of those things that you truly can wear year round!

Price: $2.50 - $10.00
Tortoise color available too.

Price:  $4.88

These gloves are adorable!  They remind me of the 'old days' where ladies wore short gloves with lace dresses.  Pair these gloves with the lace dress above!  Even if you don't wear them this year, get them for next at this rock bottom price!

Note:  No, I am not getting paid to do this feature for Spiegel, but as always, if they would like to pay up for the advertisement, I wouldn't turn them away!  Spiegel, if you read this and would like to do a partnership, or advertise here, I would gladly promote your well-made, unique, chic pieces!

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