Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hunter-Hype vs. Bargain Boot {Exact Replica}

During this fall/winter fashion season the European Hunter Boots have emerged.  
Really, they're just the new Ugg boot, but for rain.  
They're all over the fashion blogs, Instagram, and being touted about in almost every fashion magazine.

Trends something that will rise and then fade.  And if it has a label on it, you're only paying for the label, not for the style.  I've learned to taylor my closet after fun, feel-good, and classic attire that won't ever go out of style, but as my social newsfeeds were blowing up with picture of ladies paring the Hunter rain boots with career wear and Saturday attire, I started to covet and want a pair for myself. 

In my mind, I was paring these boots (navy in color) with various outfits in my closet that I felt weren't 'complete' without them, but these boots run at a minimum of $140 (+ tax & shipping) for women's sizes, so for me, they were going to require a real justification of use. 

Once I pulled out those outfits, put them on, and put my computer with a blown up picture of the boots down by my feet [yes, laugh - I did this] all the outfits I pulled out were casual and my week is generally not filled with casual attire.  If I'm going to a deposition, I am dressed to the nines.  Not because I have to be [yes, I need to represent a professional look], but because I love utilizing my closet…and I'm not sure the suit-wearing lawyers would take me seriously if I walked into a deposition in rain boots. When I am not out taking down a deposition, I am home working on a transcript, or at the farm with my husband and I wouldn't dare risk stepping in cow crud after laying down that kind of cash.  Water hose or not, my $15.00 Gabes leopard print boots will do!  

Feeling the reality of the cost, matched with the minimal wear opportunities, I just knew I could find a replica somewhere and I did!
{read to the bottom for shipping/coupon codes}

Bargain Brand:  Shiekh Shoes - click here - $26.99
Hunter Wellington Boots - original site/click here - $140.00
{Available in Grey, Black & Navy}

The only difference is the bargain brand doesn't have the Hunter label!
I personally have not tried on the Hunter Boot brand, but I hear they run really big.  If you think they're true to size, they're more than likely not…plus, they only come in whole sizes.  I wear a 9.5 in women's shoes and I purchased a 9 - which fit perfectly - in the bargain boot.  It is a wider boot, so you'll want to go down at least a 1/2 size from what you normally wear because of the width.  

I really, really wanted the 'glossy' look and the bargain boot is more of a matte boot.  
I did find the pair with chain embelisments on the same site, though.  
I will warn you, if you order these, ORDER TRUE TO SIZE.   
I ordered these too to see if I like them better than the Hunter replicas and I should have gotten a 10, rather than a 9, because they are very narrow.

I'm just sticking with the Hunter replicas and sending these back…although they are a great deal!

Hunter Wellington Glossy Boot - click here - $140.00
Shiekh Chain Bargain Boot - click here - $14.99

And, while I was browsing the site, I found these adorable little flats and had to have them!
I mean, I can't 'crown around the farm' in them, but for $12.00, you can't beat it! :)

Crown Flat - runs try to size/click here - $11.96

Things to know about rain boots before buying!
  • Impressed by the bargain brand?  Before checking out make sure you check out their sale section, especially if you're looking for a TOMS replica shoe!  Then, add SHOES10 to the Promo Code section of your checkout to receive 10% off of your order.  If that doesn't work, try SPRING10.  Order $75.00+ worth of items from the site, you'll automatically receive free shipping! 
  • If you're a size 7 women's you can actually wear a children's size 5 in the Hunter Boots.  You'll save $60.00 going that route, but be forewarned, they will probably hit at your mid-calf if you go the kids route!

  • Along with the Hunter-hype, there's Hunter Welly socks.  These are just socks that you wear with and fold over your Hunter boots to keep the label visible.  They've just sewn the label into the sock.  Like the boots, they're outrageously priced, and you can get a variety of styles here on eBay for $19.00 vs. $50.00 for a pair of SOCKS!  UK & US Sizes are both offered through this eBay retailer.  
    • For a budget babe, just go to your local thrift store, purchase a sweater, and cut the sleeves off.  They will serve as great knitted socks and add a stylish appearance to your bargain, or label boot look!
  • Bargain brands or label brand rain boots will develop a 'worn' scuffed look.  You can get an expensive Hunter Boot Buffer Spray, or use Armor All Wipes or olive oil as cheap substitutes to keep your boots look squeaky clean!
  • If you think these boots are going to keep your toesies warm like Uggs do, think again!  You're paying for the look and the label, not the warmth :)

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  1. Thanks for the imitation alternatives! After going through two pairs of Hunter Wellies in 2 years because the seam kept splitting (and by the second pair no long being eligible for warranty coverage), I am tired of trying my luck with the expensive brand and am ready to try something different for less.


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