Thursday, February 27, 2014

Country Look with a little Bling

This year, there's a trend emerged that I like to call "Blingin' Grandpa."  
It also could be referred to as Blingin' J.Crew…or, really whatever you would like to call it, but I'm digging it!

This is look [J.Crew, Gap, Ann Taylor] is not my normal style, so I wasn't comfortable investing a lot of money into items just for one look, but I really, really liked it and wanted to see if I could recreate.

My first stop was our local Goodwill, where I was able to score this plaid button-down from the men's section.  
I already had the vest, jeans, necklace and boots.

I really wanted my "Blingin' Grandpa" look to be cozy, so opting for an oversized shirt from the men's section completed my vision!  For me, this outfit is just enough 'me' with the bling, but I could still hang with Jimmy and his other farm buddies without looking totally over-the-top and out of place.  

Mine (Goodwill w/no label) - $3.29
Replica options are women's cut tops.  If you're wanting something more comfy looking, opt for a men's button-down.

Athletic Works from Walmart (have had for years)

iJeans by Buffalo - paid $4.00 in store

BCBG Generation Croc Embossed Knee-High (old)

If you're looking closely at the photos and wondering what I have in my hand or why it looks like I'm pointing at the camera, I am.  This was my first time to try out my tripod and SLR Nikon Wireless Remote and, yes, I have a long ways to go before my selfies look natural :)

This shirt was also from our local Goodwill, but is a JCP Worthington.  

"See you really can look divine on a dime!"

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