Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Christmas Eve at Mom's

For the past 5+ years, we've preached that 'gifts of time' are better than any money spent.

As always, my parents and in-laws are the hardest to shop for.  
They have everything and need nothing.  

So instead of scratching my head for weeks, I decided to create a blog with all the "Saturday Stories" my mom has shared this past year.  If you're not familiar with her "Saturday Stories," January 1, 2013 my mom started to share stories of miracles she and other family members have experienced and now, it's sort of morphed into messages on life lessons.  She shares these every Saturday - and has for over a year now - on her personal Facebook page, but if you're interested in starting to read from the beginning or not a personal friend of hers, check out the blog I created for her, Teresa's Testimonies.  

You're really an adult when you get a mattress and box spring (Molli & Tyler) and Lowe's gift cards for Christmas!

Where food is the way to every man's heart, chocolate is the way to every woman's!

I scored at Big Lots for Tom!
Our local store went out of business because it did not sell furniture and Big Lots decided to close it down, just because of that fact.  They had a huge going out of business sale and I scored 10 DVD's  - up-to-date movies - for dad for $3.80 a piece!


Molli and I both got matching jammies!

Tyler, Molli, myself and Jimmy got Lock n' Lock containers from the QVC overstock store.  
Hey, you can never have too many plastic containers, can you?

Jimmy is always Jimmy!

You can take the title away from the girl, but you can never take away the love of the crown!

Milaney got Nanna and Peepaw a special ornament!

He's pretty stoked about this game!

Christmas is always more fun with a baby!

Grandparents:  They're pretty obsessed with their little one!

But who couldn't be with that smile? :)

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