Thursday, January 30, 2014

Our Two-Year Surprise

A special day rolled around and we were awoken by my panic-stricken brother.
  See, he and his wife, Molli, were expecting their first born and she was scheduled to be induced the following week.  Well, Miss Maliney was ready to meet the world and her chosen day just happened to be Jimmy and I's anniversary day!

Meet our niece, Milaney Lucille Markham 

And here's Jimmy being Jimmy!

Pictured is my brother on the left, our pastor in the middle, and Molli's dad on the right.  
They're all so taken aback by how perfect she is!

Now it's Uncle Jimmy's turn to hold this precious baby.  

What a wonderful day it was!  

It was so exciting to see my brother become a daddy, my sister become a mommy (what she's always wanted to be) and our family gain a precious little girl!  Let's just say that she's the best dressed kid ever, is consistently the happiest baby I've ever been around, and between both Molli's and our family, this little girl has stolen everyone's hearts and will never be short of smooshy-kisses!

From the hospital, we continued with our original plan of how we were going to celebrate our special day - revisit where it all began :)

Since we were close to this KK donut shop - and in celebration of our wedding day where we had doughnuts rather than cake - we had to stop!  It just so happened to be when the 'HOT' sign was on too :)

Jimmy and I's love was realized at Husson's Pizza Shop.  We were sitting at the table below, staring into each other's eyes, my legs overtop of his, holding hands, talking about our day and where we wanted to go Christmas shopping afterward when the pizza delivery guy walks in the front door.  He proceeds to the back, throws down his delivery bag, and starts to curse.  Before we knew it, there was a full-blown fight sizzling and one of the kitchen staff yelled, "If you two don't calm down, they're going to see this on the cameras and we're all going to be fired.  Settle down!"  Well the instigator - the delivery guy - storms out screaming a cuss word about the place of business and as he swings open the entrance/exit door, he says, "See ya tomorrow."  Once the door closed shut, Jimmy and I looked at one another and started dying laughing. It was a scene we'll never forget.  

If you ever want to know how to cozy up to Jimmy, just buy him a pizza.   You'll be the best of friends from then on out!

After filling up on pizza, we headed to the Habitat ReStore where we looked for a few items that were needed for our rental flip house [blog post to come soon].  With us, it's all about the priorities no matter how unique the day is!

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