Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Familiar Beach

Around this time last year, Jimmy and I used our "honeymoon cruise"for a 1st-year anniversary cruise.  We weren't looking forward to it when it was originally scheduled, so we moved it back to a time that we both could enjoy the trip and plan ahead.  

Man, were we glad we made that move!  

Our cruise was with Royal Caribbean.  We went in the middle of February 2013 from Sunday to Saturday.  Out ship just happened to be their biggest one - 6,000 people on board - and was called the, Allure of the Seas.  

At some point soon, I'll get around to doing a blog post with our cruise photos, but while looking through one of these fashion magazines, I recognized the background in a few of their high-fashion photos.  

The beach with the airplane in the background was what stood out to me.  I knew it had to be the same beach we visited and relaxed while at St. Marten!

And... it was!

The planes came from right over this home/hotel and into the air.  After asking, we were told that the runway was one of the smallest ever and each pilot in the area had to have many successful takeoffs and landings at this particular airport.  

While I tanned in the sand, Jimmy rested and read a book.   If you can see, he got pretty scorched the day before and needed to rest his skin before it boiled off in strips! LOL

Reminiscing about that beach and our caribbean cruise makes me want to go, like, tomorrow!  I think I'm going to head over to Royal Caribbean and check out where they're ships are going soon and see if we can work another trip into our schedule!  Jimmy and I love, love cruises and you can't go with anyone but the best - Royal Caribbean!

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