Friday, January 31, 2014

Jimmy's R.N. Graduation

When Jimmy and I were first engaged, both our families kept saying to us, "Be prepared.  It's very stressful to be in school and being married will just add to that stress." 

At first, I was very upset by the statements, or even just the warnings.  I thought, "You don't know us.  We're so in love that this time in our marriage will just seem busy, not stressful."  About two months after we were married, living together, and trying to mesh our lives,  I realized their warnings weren't out of line statements, they were true.

Now that we've been married for almost 2.5 years, we look back on the time in our relationship and marriage when Jimmy was in nursing school and truly wonder how we did it?  How we survived?  How we're still in love and not shattered with stress and anxiety.  Experiencing R.N. school as a married couple was the hardest time in our relationship so far.  

With all that being said, it was time to celebrate!  Jimmy was graduating with his R.N. degree and that meant no more clinical hours, late nights, paper writing, or worrying about tests.  From here on out, he would be operating in his profession as a real nurse and I couldn't have been more proud of him!

Most of Jimmy's family and my parents all met at the Lafayette Hotel for dinner before his graduation ceremony.  

Yes, Jimbo was the only male in the class, but he held his own and was a favorite among all the other ladies.  His laugh was contagious! 

Oh' we are smiling from ear to ear!

Jimmy with his grandparents, Dave and Deloris, but we both just call them "Mamaw and Pawpa."

My parents were there to take in the big day and congratulate their son-in-law his great accomplishment.

Jimmy and his mom have a special relationship.
He's the youngest of three boys, attended college (undergrad and nursing school) at Marietta Community College, where she is a educator and lab teacher.  In her former years, she worked in the lab at their local hospital.  I like to believe that she was the one who instilled the love of medicine and patient care into her son. 

Jimmy with both of his parents, Dan and Julia Will.  
A.K.A., the best in-laws ever!

As I said above, Jimmy has two brothers and both of them have always been there to get James out of trouble, advise him on life lessons, and help steer him in the right direction.  Jon - the middle Will boy - and James have always been close and it was so nice of him to have driven 2 hours one-way to be there for his little brother's big day!

This day was the beginning of Jimmy's R.N. career with Holzer Hospital.  He worked there prior to obtaining his R.N. degree was an L.P.N., but now serves as a Team Leader at the Meigs Holzer branch in the Urgent Care.  In September, he'll transfer to their brand new free-standing ER and embrace a three days a week schedule!  

I am so, so proud of who he has become through his profession and let's just say, it's never without hilarious stories!

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