Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Truth Telling....

I have always been really big on the "truth."

Yes, at times in my life, I have not told the truth - we all are guilty of that -
but as I get older, the "truth" is my serenity.

Do I feel I really need to tell my readers about my decision?

No.  I just like the truth and I feel the truth tells a lot about a person,
where they are going and where they have come from.
I relish in living a transparent life.  
I know my husband wishes many times I wasn't so vocal and "out there"
 with my life, but that is when I feel the most comfortable.


May 1, 2012, I stepped down from my director's position with Mary Kay and gave up my earned free car.  

I had been with Mary Kay for almost two years at that point.  

Right after I gave up my title as Miss West Virginia, I accepted the Mary Kay
 opportunity because it promised me all I wanted at that time:
Flexibility, unlimited income, girlfriend time, free car, leadership.

I was a consultant for one year and worked my business very hard and became a
Sales Director in two months from my submission date.  In that same time, I earned a FREE
Chevy Malibu and was able to hand over my personal car keys to Jimmy.  After Jimmy and I got married, we moved to Ohio, somewhere very unfamiliar to me.  

I truly never realized how much my life would change once I said "I do"
 and how much God's plan for me would change too.

Yes, I really do feel that my Mary Kay decision, and rise to directorship,
was all in His plan, but His plan can change too.  
And His plan for me just changed.

The decision...

My decision to resign was not easy...and that is why God pestered me with His
constant persistence for three months before I truly released the control and followed Him.

I will never forget the day that "His divine appointment" resurrected.  
Jimmy and I were home.  
We had just gone over to his parents' to eat breakfast with them
since we had not seen them much since we returned from our trip to Israel.

We came home and I said I needed to lay down for a few minutes because I wasn't
feeling like myself.  When I went to lay down, I couldn't rest my mind.
The Lord was after me to make a decision, while the whole time, He was reassuring me
He had a new plan, a new direction He wanted me to go in.  

The release....

After he "released" me from my Mary Kay directorship position, I felt different right away.
Scared for the outcome of my unit and their success, afraid of their reaction and other people's reactions, but hopeful for the future that God had specifically called me for.

I wasn't sure what the "future" held - where I would be working, how I would help provide for my family, or what this meant for Jimmy and I's life together - but I just knew it was right.

I heed the truth and I fear the Lord.

Those two things became "truth" to me that very day.

I knew some would be very upset with the news, many wouldn't understand
because I worked  so hard to get to where I was in the company, and many would
 assume my decision was made for other reasons.
I can assure you it was not.
I fear the Lord.  
So much that I wasn't going to wait around any more on answering His call, whatever that meant.

What is my life like now?

It was amazing before and I loved my work with Mary Kay, but the choice to step down
to consultant status opened more doors for me than I could have ever imagined.

I was offered a position with my mom's court reporting firm, and I was trusting God on this one because all while growing up, I never had an interest in what my mom did.  But I felt his nudging, and after practice and preparation, you can find me taking down depositions via Voice Writing through AudioScribe, a voice recognition software specifically for court reporters and others producing transcripts, and also serving as her Marketing Manager and Focus Group Coordinator.

You can also find me doing more makeup for weddings and events, pageant coaching, being on the farm more with Jimmy, and speaking at various events with many different messages.

I am loving my life and was so afraid I was giving up so much by following the Lord's
 direction but instead, I gained so much.

Would I ever go back to directorship with Mary Kay?
Yes, if I felt that is where God was leading me.  
I stepped down on very good terms and the Sales Development Director, Jay Benson,
 wrote me the nicest email, left me the nicest voicemail asking me to reconsider, and then called again to wish me well in my future endeavors.  

I love Mary Kay, the company, the products, the people, their mission, their goal.  

To be a part of something so positive would definitely be something I would consider
again and still encourage others to become a part of!  

My decision was solely because of God's calling and nothing else.  

Are you still selling Mary Kay?
It is such an amazing product, how could I not?
Too, I have too many customers to keep stocked :)
But if you are my customer reading this, or do not have a Mary Kay consultant,
 I am having a HUGE INVENTORY BLOW OUT SALE [very soon] because through
Mary Kay's wonderful opportunity, you can supply your customers with their items
shipped directly to their home.

That is how I will be operating my business from now on, so make sure you stock up
on all my IN-STOCK inventory at its reduced price.
[Sale info will be released soon!]

Why have you not "announced" this
before now?
Honestly, I knew I was going to do a blog and my life would be a little bit more on "display" and I figured then would be the best time to tell those who are not so close to me, [who already knew
 this story and fact] much before the rest of the world needed to.

And, I don't live my life on Facebook or the Internet.
My husband and I - even though it may seem not - do not tell my readers or followers everything that goes on in our life, and we will continue to live that way, even through this blog.

My God is an amazing individual that knows exactly what you need, when you need it,
and places it in front of you before you can even blink your eye.

He has a plan for you bigger than you can truly even imagine - even if you are/were
 building your own dreams and he was prospering your efforts.

- God is Truth and I fear the Truth - 

Signing off now, Talia Markham Will (former) Mary Kay Sales Director.  

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